SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch Successful

At 9:12 AM on February 25, SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket for the Starlink Group 4-11 mission from Vandenberg Space Force Base in Lompoc, CA.

Falcon 9 took a total of 50 Starlink satellites to orbit during the mission. Starlink is SpaceX’s satellite constellation designed to bring internet access to underserved areas of the world. SpaceX has close to 2,000 Starlink satellites orbiting Earth at an altitude of 340 miles. A little less than nine minutes later, the Falcon 9’s first stage came back down to Earth for a vertical touchdown on Of Course I Still Love You, a SpaceX droneship that was stationed several hundred miles off the California coast. It was the fourth successful launch and landing of the reusable booster.

Around one hour two minutes after launch, the second stage of the Falcon 9 released the 50 Starlink satellites into their final drop-off orbit. The 50 Starlink internet satellites will join the existing constellation of Starlink satellites positioned at low Earth orbit in an effort to improve SpaceX’s network and broadband signal interface for internet users around the world. Update: SpaceX has launched Starlink satellites to help the people of Ukraine.

EconAlliance is proud to support our region’s space enterprise programs. Vandenberg Space Force Base isn’t just a national security asset, it is the nucleus of an entire ecosystem for high-tech engineering, high-skill manufacturing, bleeding-edge entrepreneurship, and life-long inspiration that reaches for the stars.


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