To Recognize HR & Safety Staff

The past two years have been stressful for all of us, but perhaps no positions in the private sector, other than medical workers and first responders, have been more under pressure than Human Resources and safety personnel. This is especially true in the Ag sector. To acknowledge this, EconAlliance and its Ag Forum partners are making HR and Safety Staff the recognition focus for the 2022 EconAlliance Ag Forum.

As an agricultural-related company with operations in Northern Santa Barbara County, if your organization would like to have EconAlliance and its Ag Forum partners recognize one HR or Safety staff person (one only per organization), please complete this fillable PDF form about that staff member, and a paper certificate will be prepared for that person. It can be mailed to that person in care of your company or mailed to you for presentation internally.

If your organization plans to have a table, or a few people attending the February 3rd Ag Forum, and you would like your nominee recognized as part of the group recognition being planned (names/companies read, nominees in attendance standing), please indicate that your nominee and someone from your company will be registering and we will hold the certificate for a group presentation at the event.


  1. The nominee must be in charge of or significantly engaged in either HR and/or Safety for your organization for them to receive recognition. This opportunity is being publicized by email (through our newsletter) and also being mailed to those in the agricultural community for whom we have mailing addresses. 
  2. The first five nominees we receive completed nomination forms for will each receive a free ($60) seat at the February 3 event and their company representative will have 3 minutes at the podium, if desired, to share why the person was nominated and the nominee will receive his/her certificate onstage. 
  3. All nominees AFTER the first five received will need to have paid seats or be designated guests at sponsored company tables. They will be recognized as a group, being asked to stand at their seats for audience applause and recognition, and their names with the names of their companies will be listed in the program guide.