EconAlliance Initiative Leads


EconAlliance Healthcare Industry Initiative Co-Team Leads Mark Allen, COO, Marian Regional Medical Center and Ed Braxton, Chief Human Resources Officer at Lompoc Valley Medical Center, led the first Initiative meeting in December of 2020, held after an initial industry roundtable in September. The participating group of Healthcare Industry professionals discussed key Northern Santa Barbara County healthcare industry issues (as opposed to community healthcare issues), with the goal of identifying specific areas of focus that would not duplicate but enhance Healthcare Industry support.

Determining that many other organizations were addressing short-term and COVID-19 pandemic-related issues, the group centered on two longer-term priority areas of industry support for EconAlliance Healthcare Initiative efforts.


The 2023 Co-Leads for the EconAlliance Healthcare Initiative are Mark Allen, COO, Marian regional Medical Center/ Dignity Health, and Debbie Alonzo, HR Director, Lompoc Valley Medical Center.