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SpaceX Launch of 46 Starlink Satellites

50 Starlinks Deployed from Vandenberg

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Space Enterprise

Northern Santa Barbara County is host to Vandenberg Space Force Base (renamed from an Air Force base in April 2021), the United States’ premiere and only West Coast spacelaunch facility. VSFB supports military, national security, and commercial launch providers and relies on companies that provide technical expertise, critical components, and specialized tools. EconAlliance is proud to support the space enterprise industry catalyzed by Vandenberg – the Northern Santa Barbara County space enterprise agencies, companies and workers that embody and advance the promise of space.

EconAlliance has assisted Base IT leadership with broadband market research, introducing the Base to numerous broadband providers, some of whom have now established new services with the Base to support Vandenberg’s expansion of commercial space launch activities.

The EconAlliance 2019 Future Forum featured Vandenberg Launch Director Tom Stevens as he outlined Vandenberg’s plans to become a “Spaceport of the Future.” The EconAlliance audience was also introduced a proposed space education/ inspiration/ entertainment center in the nearby city of Lompoc by Pale Blue Dot Ventures Founder/CEO Stephen Franck. Vandenberg and space enterprise activities were included in the EconAlliance North County Industry Video as well as a STEM industry video, and the organization has organized space/STEM career awareness tours of Vandenberg for high schoolers from two Northern Santa Barbara County high schools.

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Space Launch Schedule

Launch Schedule External Link

Economic Impact

Vandenberg Space Force Base creates 16,000 jobs and generates $4.5 billion annually for Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties.


New Commercial Space Master Plan could add ~2,000 well-paying jobs and an additional $1.5 billion of local annual output by 2030.

Space Enterprise Eco-System

VSFB supports Department of Defense polar launches and ICBM missile training and testing, as well as NASA civil launches and commercial launches for global corporations. As the “spaceport of the future”, it will host commercial space business opportunities projected to grow exponentially. The Base estimates the economic impact of its traditional and new space support mission at $4.5B.

Vandenberg Space Force Base isn’t just a national security asset, it is the nucleus of an entire ecosystem for high-tech engineering, high-skill manufacturing, bleeding-edge entrepreneurship, and life-long inspiration that reaches for the stars.

Space Initiative
Space Initiative